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Public Relations

influence500what is public influenceDon’t just push out information, become an influencer in your marketplace. Great Scott Communications doesn’t do just Public Relations. We will take your business and turn it into a dynamic influencer.

How does your brand resonate in the business space it occupies? Is it an authoritative leader or a passive bystander? How would your employees describe the company and the products it offers? Building a solid message within your employee base is too often overlooked. If your brand ambassadors aren’t singing your praises or worse, have no idea what function your company serves in the overall business sector, how can you expect your customers to be enthusiastically on board?
If you think Public Relations is just for corporate news distribution, you are still engaging with your customers in the old, unproductive model of communications. We would love to show you what Public Influence can do for your overall identity, bottom line and productivity.

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